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Red Hill Nourish

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Red Hill Nourish
1/1016 Mornington-Flinders Rd
Red Hill
VIC 3937
(03) 5931 0351

After a visit to The Gorgelicious Store for a vegan bite, we walked a few doors down to an organic food store, Red Hill Nourish, where we were happy to discover held a wonderful selection of vegan products.

Along with organic fresh vegies, the shelves at Red Hill Nourish are filled with a great range of vegan staples, including plant milks (soy, rice, oat and coconut), various tahinis, coconut oils, rice and maple syrups, nut butters and sauces.

The range of refrigerated and frozen goods is small but has been chosen well. Vegan Halfpint Dairy icecream is available, along with their 'Butter Me Up' vegan butter. They also have my favourite Tallyho Farm tempeh, Byron Bay tempeh (which is soy free, made with chickpeas) and Peace Love & Vegetables cashew cheese.

Natural Tucker Bakery vegan slices are also on offer, along with plenty of vegan chocolate options including Pana, Alter Eco and Organic Times. They also have an extensive range of Pukka tea.

There's a kombucha filling station, where you can use recycled bottles to take home either original or ginger flavours, and a few vegan toiletries such as all natural toothpaste, Earthpaste (which coincidently is quite handy at dealing with kombucha breath!).