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Wide Open Road

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Wide Open Road
274 Barkly Street
Brunswick VIC 305
03 9387 607


Open 7 days for breakfast (early-4pm) and lunch (11.30am-4pm)

Wide Open Road (sibling cafe to A Minor Place) has come a long way in catering for the compassionate eater since first opening in 2011. Toast was about the only vegan option possible back then, so when we heard that scrambled tofu had made it to the menu, we thought we'd better get back there and give it another go!

The scrambled tofu ($16.50) had finely cut capsicum, zucchini and corn throughout, and it's pretty darn good. Whole mushrooms, avocado and a confit tomato complete the dish and make it quite a substantial breakfast. More often than not my sidekick will freak out at the prospect of eating a whole tomato with breakfast, but the confit variety was so tasty that it wasn't the sole survivor on the plate this time.

Henry's White Beans ($12.50 and originally from A Minor Place) are on the menu and are officially labelled as vegan (back in the day at A Minor Place these beans were sometimes vegan and sometimes not!). The dish of slow roasted creamy cannellini beans garnished with dukkah and accompanied by wholegrain toast is simply delicious and probably my pick of the menu. In saying that, there is another vegan breakfast option of Smashed Peas on Sourdough with wild rice tabouli & maple walnuts ($16.50) which remains untried (and sounds pretty amazing!).

There is also a vegan lunch item on the menu of an Apple Slaw Sandwich ($12.50) with avocado, dill & beetroot relish.

GH: The menu has changed since this post. Please see current menu.