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Veggie Kitchen - Intention of Love (Closed)

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Veggie Kitchen has closed.

Veggie Kitchen - Intention of Love
159 St Georges Road,
Northcote VIC 3070
Phone: 03 9489 2120

Closed Mondays

Veggie Kitchen has closed.

Veggie Kitchen - Intention of Love is such an adorably off-putting name for a restaurant, we thought it was about time we tried it.

Veggie Kitchen is all vegetarian (der!), mainly vegan (or vegan optional) and Taiwanese. The menu is quite large with lots of really tempting entree goodies like satay skewers, dumplings, veggie buns, yam spring rolls, tofu rolls and more ($4.80-$6.80). We tried the Veggie Cutlet (2 pcs $6.80) - crunchy crumbed nori wrapped delicacies of soy prawn and cabbage. I've never being down the 'soy prawn road' before so it was a nice surprise to find these so tasty.

I also went for a Bean Curd Burger ($8.80) which was layers of sweet beancurd, marinated tofu, crispy lettuce and tomato skewered together into a burger. It's juiciness made it delicious, but also messy to eat, so be prepared with a napkin before tucking in. It's a full on hit of marinated and fried tofu and while I'm glad I tried it, it was quite rich, so I think I'd rather take pity on my belly and go halves with someone next time.

My sidekick had Hong Shao Tofu with Taiwanese Shitake Mushrooms ($12.80) with black rice (2.80). Whilst you couldn't fault the homemade tofu, the dish only had two small slices of shitake mushroom in it which was pretty lousy. The wholesome black rice side dish made up for the lack of fungi though.

There were also vegan desserts including Tofu Pudding, Black Sesame Pudding (both $4.80) which I look forward to trying next time. Mister Nice Guy cupcakes were also available.

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