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The Cornish Arms

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The Cornish Arms
163A Sydney Road
Brunswick VIC 3056

Mon-Tues: Open from 3pm
Wed-Sun: Open from 12pm

The Cornish Arms on Sydney Road is a pub that I'd never being to before and never really had the inclination to visit. That is, until I heard that they have vegan pub food!

I was impressed to find over 10 vegan mains on the menu and over 5 pizzas that were vegan optional. The vegan menu begins with a risotto and a curry (meh…), but ups the scales with vegan beer battered "fish" (pardon the pun) and chips, a vegan parma, burgers (vegan chicken or mushroom), a vegan steak sandwich, a vegan burrito and vegan nachos.

Reminiscent of the old East Brunswick Club days, I went for the vegan "fish" and chips ($20) whilst my companion went for the vegan steak sandwich ($18). The deep fried nori wrapped tofu "fish" had a thick beer batter and was great with the vegan tartare. The salad was fresh, but the chips were just ok (I think I judge chips quite harshly these days - The Gasometer chips are sooo good that anything less is a disappointment). There is mock duck in the vegan steak sandwich which lead to a "Box Hill's Vegie Hut

in between two slices of bread" experience. It also had what looked like redwood rashers and tofutti cheese slices in it, along with onion jam, salad and ranch sauce.

There are vegan desserts also, but we were too full of the fried stuff to try any. Kudos to The Cornish Arms for catering so well to the compassionate eater.

Price: A little on the expensive side for Vegan Mains - $16-$20. Vegan Pizzas - $10

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