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Yong Green Food

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Yong Green Food
421 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
03 9417 3338


Opening Hours:
Closed Monday
Tue-Sat: 12-4pm, 5-10pm
Sun: 12-4pm, 5-9pm

The majority of Melbourne vegans need no introduction to the wholesome and delicious food on offer at Yong Green Food, and the midweek queues out the door are testament to the fact that the word has truly gotten around!

Yong Green Food offers an extensive all vegetarian (mostly vegan) menu with an abundance of gluten free options - along with raw, organic and biodynamic dishes. On our recent visit, we opted for the 'Oyster Mushroom Calamari' (GF $10.50), which was so incredible that I fear I won't try other menu options in the future in case they don't live up to this dish! The organic king oyster mushrooms are deep fried in organic rice butter (drool…) and served with salad, jalapeno marinara and vegan aioli sauces - clearly this dish is a 'must-try'.

Another delight from the snack menu are the 'Fried Nori Rolls' (GF $12.50) which are long, thin rice battered fried nori rolls of mung bean noodles, tofu and veggies. As stunning as this dish was, it didn't pip the oyster mushroom calamari at the post.

For mains, my sidekick gave the hearty 'Japanese Curry' ($15.50) a go - which had potato, carrot, mushroom, peas and sliced soy beef in a mild curry sauce with biodynamic brown rice. I'm not sure how many Japanese curries he's tried, but he did proclaim it the best he's had, which is a pretty damn encouraging recommendation.

I went for the most medicinally dangerous sounding dish on the menu - the 'Macro Dragon Bowl' (GF $18), without onion and garlic (OGF optional), which is a truly nutritious delight of biodynamic brown rice topped with assorted vegetables (including amazing shitake mushrooms), organic tempeh, seaweed and lemon tahini cream. As if all that doesn't sound fulfilling enough, the dragon bowl is also served with miso soup.

We took home a sneaky slice of organic 'Raw Chocolate Cheesecake' (GF $8.50) which is predominately made of cashew nuts, and I liked that it didn't have the strong coconut oil aftertaste that some raw chocolate desserts can have. We also wanted a slice of the organic 'Raw Pecan Pie' with cashew cream ($9) but alas, it's high demand had caused a sell out - which was no real problem for us really, because we'll be back at Yongs in no time.

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Misuzus Restaurant
3-7 Victoria Avenue,
Albert Park VIC 3026

03 9699 9022

Opening Hours:
Open 7 days, Midday-10pm 

After an afternoon at the beach and in need of an easy takeaway dinner, all we could think of was "Oooh, I wish South was still open!" (Clearly, South had being making vegan life way too easy for us!). So the racking of the brains began, and we remembered that Misuzu's Japenese Restaurant has an awesome take home section that could sort us out.

The refrigerated glass cabinet was glowing with all sorts of tasty Japanese treats, including some delightful looking cold snacks of Sesame Tofu and Pea Croquettes. Unfortunately, neither of these were vegan as they contained egg (ughh, arrow through my hungry heart!). We got over that and our attention wandered to the selection of salads - all vegan!

We liked the look of the Hijiki Salad, Tofu & Veg Salad and the Sweet Potato Salad and snapped them up, leaving behind the Soba Noodle & Veg Salad and Green Seaweed Salad for another day. Prices for a large takeaway container of salad (choice of 2) is $9, while the small size (choice of 2 salads) is $6.20.

The Hijiki Salad had hijiki seaweed, julienne carrots and soy beans and was splendid. Even better was the Sweet Potato Salad, which was seriously amazing, with green beans, sesame and crushed nuts. The tofu in the Tofu & Veg Salad was firm on the outside, so silky in the middle and the dressing had a nice hint of chilli.  

We'd also picked up some vegan uramaki ($2.30 each) that contained seaweed salad, cucumber, carrot and sesame seeds. The accompaniment of white pickled ginger was much appreciated, especially as I recently learnt that the pink pickled ginger is sometimes white ginger that has been dyed using cochineal.

So next time you take yourself off for a swim at a southside beach, follow our lead and check out Misuzu's for a quick and healthy take home vegan meal or if you're not in a rush to return home, their restaurant is worth checking out too.

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Pabu Grill and Sake

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Pabu Grill and Sake
190 Smith Street
Collingwood VIC 3066
03 9419 6141

Good vegan food that tripped on the final hurdle…badly

Pabu Grill and Sake is a new Japanese restaurant on Smith street that we stumbled upon the other night.

The first page of the menu was the 'Chef's Banquet', with one option labelled in bold 'Vegetarian' and directly below labelled again 'Vegan Dishes - $50'. There wasn't another price listed for Vegetarian, so this banquet appeared to be all vegan by default!  Great news, however I did find the vegan labelling pretty confusing throughout the menu. Everything vegetarian was clearly identified, but only some vegan dishes were labelled as vegan - or they were labelled as vegan in the banquet, but then not in the rest of the menu. Confused? We were!

This is what we settled on: 

Agedashi Tofu served with a sweet miso and rocket salad ($7.50) - 'melt in your mouth' tofu in a delicious sauce, yum - what more can I say.

Nasu Dengaku - grilled eggplant with sweet & spicy miso ($9) - topped with shredded nori and sesame seeds, the miso was so sweet and rich, making this one of the best versions of this dish I've had.

Mushroom Salad - variety of mushrooms in salad mix with cherry tomatoes ($13) - it would have been better to have more mushrooms and less salad mix, but it was still great. Renkon (sliced lotus root) chips added a delicious crunch and thin hairs of dried bell pepper added a subtle kick to the dish.

The dinner was ticking all my boxes, until we reached the final hurdle - dessert! None of the desserts were labelled as vegan, but I was told by a staff member that there were two vegan options: Yuzu Sorbet (Hand made lemon & Japanese citrus sorbet with mixed fruit - $8) and Daifuku (Cherry blossom & kuromame (black soybeans) rice cake - $6.50). Let me shout if from the mountain that

the Yuzu sorbet isn't vegan and I found out the hard way

- by tucking into a significant portion of it before realising to my horror that the taste of yoghurt in my mouth wasn't in my imagination - it was indeed a 'yoghurt sorbet'. 

So a lovely dinner ended on a really sour note for me and if the vegan dishes had been labelled consistently it could have been avoided. I'm off to brush my teeth again.

Price: Reasonable prices, but dishes are small.

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