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Lowlands (Closed)

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Lowlands has closed.

923 High St
Thornbury, VIC 3071
03 9480 1635

Mon - Fri:
7:00 am - 4:00 pm

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8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Lowlands has closed down.

We decided to live vegan life on the edge last weekend and head out to breakfast by just 'winging it' up the South Preston/Thornbury end of High Street. We first popped into a place called Little Henri, but on taking a seat we couldn't see anything on the menu that jumped out as being vegan, so decided to hot-tail it out of there. We ended up over the road at Lowlands and I credit the 'ban duck shooting' poster out the front for luring us in!

Lowlands has a few vegan options, including the standard 'Sourdough toast w/ nuttelex and spreads' ($6) and 'Raisin loaf w/ Lowlands jam' ($7.50). There is also an 'Oat and rye bircher w/ Bonsoy, seasonal fruit and crushed hazelnuts' ($12), but I couldn't go past the 'Spiced quinoa porridge w/ fresh banana coconut chips & honey' ($14.50) which I omitted the honey from. The porridge looked impressive topped with micro greens, shaved coconut and the most perfectly ripe banana you could wish for. Cooked with coconut milk, it's creamy and very hearty - however it lacked a bit of excitement and got a bit boring to eat in the end. Perhaps a substitute of agave syrup to replace the honey would have given it the lift it needed. 

My sidekick went for the vegan 'Zucchini and white bean ragout w/ pine nuts, pickled radish & herbs w/ grain toast' ($16). It was fresh and colourful, but not quite what he was expecting - I guess the word ragout conjures up thoughts of a more richer, slow cooked dish. The Dench grain toast with nuttelex was a delight (admittedly, toast is hard to stuff up!).

The coffee at Lowlands is very good - I had a soy latte ($4.50, inc 50c Bonsoy soycharge) but if you're a true coffee connoisseur, you may wish to try a fancy filter coffee ($6) or one of the specialty small batch blends. There is also an elaborate reserve tea selection ($4-5) or a refreshing hot beverage offering of 'Fresh mint and star anise' ($4), which is sure to cure whatever ails you.