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The Sweetwater Inn (Closed Down)

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Sweetwater Inn
1/60 Bray Street,
South Yarra VIC 3141
0402 532 578


Opening Hours:
Tues - Fri:
4:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Sat - Sun:
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Sweetwater Inn has closed.

Sweetwater Inn is a new faux pub in South Yarra that has been given a leg up by Shannon Martinez - the brainchild of vegan heaven South. Shannon will be at Sweetwater Inn until May (although her menu will remain), before she embarks on her own all vegan deli/eatery. We checked out the food at Stillwater over the Easter break.

We started with the 'Bubble and squeak croquettes' ($10) which are vegan by default, and served with Shannon's own herbed aioli - which she plans to bottle and sell in her new deli - and which will surely become a staple condiment in every Melbourne vegan household! The croquettes were soooo delicious; crispy on the outside with fluffy potato, carrots and peas on the inside which coupled with the incredible aioli, we couldn't find fault.

Next in line were the much blogged about vegan 'BBQ prawn skewers' ($15, gluten free), served with aioli, grilled lemon, chips and salad. The prawns which are barbequed with garlic and herbs, are light and fresh and are complemented with a good squeeze of the grilled lemon. The beer battered chips (using Fosters which is indeed vegan) are equal to the famed Gasometer chips and the dressed salad and addictive aioli seal the deal.

My sidekick couldn't look beyond the vegan optional (VO) 'Chip buttie with the lot' ($12), no matter how much I tried to sway him towards the VO 'Fosters fish and chips' ($16). To our delight, Shannon kindly provided a piece of vegan fish (nori wrapped and battered soy fish) for him to try and after all these years, he is now a faux fish convert. The chip buttie consisted of a soft burger bun, stacked with crispy chips, vegan bacon, beetroot and vegan cheese slice - all topped with tomato sauce and accompanied by pickled onions and dressed salad. A simple dish that hit the spot.

There are some more vegan options on the menu which we'll back to try. The vegan 'Pineapple and chipotle glazed ham steak' ($15, gluten free) was sold out when we visited, and there is also a VO 'Rissole sandwich' ($15), a VO 'Crispy calamari salad' ($16, gluten free) and a VO pie (c/o La Panella) floater ($16).

Whilst Sweetwater Inn doesn't have a full vegan menu like South (and there are some off putting skulls and a cow hide on display), it will still be a welcome addition for residents who are otherwise relatively starved of good vegan options in the area.

GH: Menu has changed since this post. View here for current menu.


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