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Purple Patch (Closed Down)

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Purple Patch has closed down - for archive purposes only

Purple Patch
19 Bay Road,
Sandringham VIC 3191
Phone: 03 9598 2378

Open 7 days. Breakfast/Lunch.

I live in Melbourne's north but still have a group of dear old friends on the Mornington Peninsula, where I grew up. Our catchups usually involve a long drive for me down to the peninsula to eat somewhere with very limited vegan options - but not today! As I had the final word on where we would meet, I decided to take to the web and find somewhere half way between Melbourne and the peninsula that would cater for the compassionate eater. I discovered Purple Patch in Sandringham.

Purple Patch is an all vegetarian/vegan cafe and their brunch menu didn't disappoint. Scrambled tofu, a vegan breakfast fry up, vegan pancakes and of course, the trusty avo on toast were all on offer. I ordered creamy mushrooms with spinach on thick cut multigrain sourdough (all vegan) and it was really fresh and delicious. The coffee is from Monk Bodhi Dharma's Roastery and my soy latte (with Bonsoy) was well and truly up to my fussy standard. The display cabinet had some lunch offerings of lasagne, eggplant parmigiana and some wraps and salads. More excitingly though, were the array of vegan cakes and biscuits - which I'll have to come back to try. 

We had a few issues with a really long wait for our meals, but the lovely lady who served us made up for it with free appetizers of lovely nutty vegan savoury pastries. After our meals we continued to chat for a while and were also spoilt with complimentary mini vegan pancakes as a further apology for the wait! This well and truly made up for any of the service niggles we experienced. 

Price: Reasonable. Creamy mushrooms with spinach on toast - $12. Soy latte - $4.

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