Feb 8, 2014

Veggie Villa

Veggie Villa: Macro Gold Veggie Bowl (GF $13.50)

Veggie Villa has recently opened in Flemington and is hopefully set to breathe new life into the vegan friendly dining scene in the area.

With the stark interior of the restaurant and dangerously long menu of raw, Indian, Mexican, Asian, salads, burgers and wraps, smoothies and desserts, we didn't hold high expectations for Veggie Villa; our fears were indeed allayed however when our food arrived.

I tried the 'Macro gold veggie bowl' (GF $13.50) with green salad, steamed vegetables, biodynamic brown rice, sprouts, tempeh and wakame - with miso gravy and satay sauce on the side. It was pretty good, but not quite comparable to the 'Macro Dragon Bowl' at Yong Green Food.

We also had the 'Mexican red chilli bean' (GF $14) with spicy red chilli beans, biodynamic brown rice, salad, guacamole and cashew cheese which was a healthy and hearty feed. There are dozens more dishes on offer which we'll be back to try including, 'Raw pizza' ($10), 'Raw lasagne' ($12), 'Stir fry mock chicken' ($14), 'Smoked eggplant curry' ($14) and a vegan 'Pho' ($12).

For dessert there are a variety of raw vegan cheesecakes ($7), including chocolate, blueberry and white chocolate. A 'Raw pecan tart' ($7) and 'Raw brownie' ($6) is also on offer, and all desserts are organic, vegan and gluten free. We took a 'Raw chocolate cheesecake' to go and it was deliciously rich, whilst being not too sweet.

Veggie Villa
331 Racehorse Road,
Flemington VIC 3031

7 days: 11am-10pm

Takeaway and home delivery available (min $30).

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Veggie Villa: Mexican red chilli bean (GF $14)
Veggie Villa: Raw chocolate cheesecake ($7)

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  1. "...set to breathe new life into...", not new when it's a copy!
    Their menu looks like a copy of Yong Green Food, with a couple of Veggie Bar dishes thrown in as well.
    Go through the menu one by one most of the name are similar and the ingredients look like they were just copied.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your comment. 'New life' was meant to insinuate that VV is bringing something new to the Flemington area, which it is. It's the only all-veg place in Flemington that we know of. And even if the menu is similar to Yongs (which we agree it is) or The Vegie Bar, does that really matter? Surely the more eateries we have in Melbourne that keep animals (and animal products) off the menu the better?

  2. It is similar to Yong Green but so much more generous in serves and much better value for money as well as being amazing quality! Such a huge range of cuisines - all prepared very well. Absolutely delicious!