Mar 15, 2013


Milkwood: Lemon Thyme Mushrooms with Avocado on Gluten free Toast ($14.50)

After a Saturday morning trip to the CERES organic market for some fruit and veg, a visit to Milkwood cafe for a vegan breakie was in order - SoyMilkwood would have been a better name though!

The cafe with it's cathedral ceiling and fresh flowers has a lovely warm atmosphere. There is also an overflow room for Milkwood which is accessible from Nicholson street, but as it's not connected to the main cafe it feels a bit weird and shut-off from the action.

There are two decent choices for a vegan breakfast at Milkwood, Warm cannellini bean, lemon & rosemary mash with sliced avocado on sourdough toast ($14.50) is vegan and a real winner. It's a bit like the Henry's white beans of Wide Open Road and A Minor Place, but not as saucy and with a much bigger rosemary hit. The other choice of Lemon thyme mushrooms with avocado on sourdough toast ($14.50) is veganised as it replaces ricotta with avocado. I tried it on the house gluten free toast which was great (trust me, there is some baaad gluten free bread out there), and the mushrooms were rich and full of flavour.

Milkwood make a delicious soy latte ($4) and you guessed it, they use Bonsoy.

Mon-Fri: 7.30am-4.30pm (Closed Tuesday)
Sat-Sun: 7.30am-4pm

120 Nicholson St 
Brunswick East VIC 3057

Phone: (03) 9380 4062

Milkwood: Toast with Warm Cannellini Bean, Lemon & Rosemary Mash with Sliced Avocado ($14.50)
Milkwood: Soy Latte ($4)
Milkwood: (Yet, another) Soy Latte ($4)

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