Feb 20, 2013

Warung Agus

Toge: Traditional Balinese Gado Gado - steamed vegetables and bean curd with peanut sauce and cassava crackers ($20)

On arriving at Warung Agus for some traditional Balinese cuisine, we were greeted by a blanket of fresh rose petals on the footpath in front of the restaurant - a welcome sight juxtaposed with the red-eyed North Melbournites stumbling towards us before we entered. Once inside, the abundant greenery and Balinese decorations made for a perfect setting to our night.

There were a number of dishes marked (v) on the menu and we were delighted to learn that dairy is rarely used in Balinese cooking (aside from ice cream in the dessert menu), so all of the vegetarian options were also vegan. The four of us were feeling free and easy so we let our waiter choose four vegan dishes for us to share. 

First to arrive was the Toge ($20), which is a traditional Balinese gado gado with steamed veggies and bean curd in a rich peanut sauce, topped with cassava crackers - which were a bit like a (non) prawn cracker. We were also presented with Temple Jagung ($20) which is described as nutty soya bean morsels (it may have been easier to call it tempeh, but hey!) in sweet soy sauce with corn, spring onions and spices. Both of these dishes were incredible, so full of flavour and down right delicious.

Tuung Mebasa Santen Lalah Manis ($20) which is eggplant and tofu braised in coconut milk and sweet soy and spicy gravy was the next winner to arrive (this dish is the one not to miss!). Finally we had the Tahu Istimewa ($20) which I failed to take a photo of (probably because it was devoured before I got the chance!), this was a lighter dish of tofu in spiced sauce with crisp bean shoots, capsicum and cherry tomatoes.

There are also some interesting Balinese drinks on offer, such as Es Jus Pisang ($7) which is fresh banana juice, sweetened and blended with ice and Es Jus Apokat ($7) which is fresh avocado juice, sweetened, blended with ice (very curious about this one!). We however couldn't go passed Es Jus Jeruk Nipis ($7) - fresh lemon juice, sweetened and blended with ice. It was like a fresh lemon juice slushy, really highly recommended!

I can't recommend Warung Agus enough for their incredible vegan food, attentive and friendly service and for the rose petals on the footpath!

Wed-Sun: 6pm till late

Fully licensed, no BYO
10% discount applies for takeaways.
No Efftpos. Credit cards accepted.

Warung Agus
305 Victoria Street
North Melbourne VIC 3051

Ph: (03) 9329 1737

Tuung Mebasa Santen Lalah Manis:  Sliced eggplant and tofu braised in coconut milk, sweet soy and spicy gravy ($20)
Inside traditional Balinese restaurant, Warung Agus
Rose petal welcome at
Warung Agus
Temple Jagung: Nutty flavoured soya bean morsels in sweet soy sauce with corn, spring onions and spices ($20)

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  1. I love this place! And especially that eggplant dish.

  2. Hi Cindy, Isn't it great! The eggplant dish was soooo good! There's an avocado and spiced coconut cream entree that I must try next time apparently. Have you had it?

    1. No, I haven't! Sounds lovely though. :-)

  3. thanks for this blog post, I noted it and had dinner there today. The avocado entree was really nice :)

  4. Hi Veganopoloulous! Thank you - I read the review on your blog - have shared it on the GH facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/thegoodhearted.com.au