Nov 14, 2012

Eat Pizza

Eat Pizza - Vegan Salami, Vegan Cheese, Mushrooms and Olives - $18

Hands up if you've ever begrudgingly ordered a vegetarian pizza without cheese because, well quite frankly, that was the only vegan option available.

Well, if you happen to have an Eat Pizza near you (Maribyrnong, Glenroy or Footscray) then you'll never have to settle for a boring takeaway pizza again. Eat Pizza have the standard selection of traditional and gourmet pizzas, BUT… they also offer vegan cheese, vegan salami and vegan ham as optional extras. All of the pizza bases are vegan (including a gluten free option - $2 extra) which means that pretty much every pizza on the menu is veganisable by substituting ingredients rather than omitting them!

My favourite choice at Eat Pizza is basically a vegan capricciosa (tomato sauce, vegan cheese, vegan salami, mushrooms and olives). The salami is even a little bit spicy which makes the pizza extra delicious. For each vegan item (cheese, salami or ham), there is an extra cost of $2 per item for a small pizza, $2.50 per item for medium and $3 per item for a large pizza. This makes the cost of a large vegan capricciosa (pickup) around $18. A small garlic pizza with vegan cheese is $8.

To note: We've only ever ordered from the Glenroy store and while they're getting better, their pricing hasn't always been consistent. Ordering vegan seems to blow the minds of some of the staff and they don't know what they should charge.

Eat Pizza - Glenroy Store
1/749 Pascoe Vale Road, Glenroy
Phone: 03 9304 4040

Eat Pizza - Maribyrnong Store
44 Raleigh Road, Maribyrnong
Phone: 03 9317 7977

Eat Pizza - Footscray Store
7/203 Ballarat Road, Footscray
Phone: 03 9317 3177

Sun-Thurs: 4pm-10pm
Fri-Sat: 4pm-11pm
Home delivery from 5pm (min delivery $16 + $4 delivery fee up to 3km)

Maribyrnong store visited by: where's the beef

The remains of a small garlic vegan pizza (I was hungry ok... sheesh!) - $8

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  1. Hey, thanks for the link! I really wish we were in Eat Pizza's delivery area. I have an embarrassing nostalgia for ham'n'pineapple.

  2. Hey Cindy, no worries - thanks for stopping by! You've inspired me - I'll definitely get a vegan ham'n'pineapple next time. Keep a look out on the GH facebook page - I'll post a pic for you. GH♥

  3. Cindy, check out a pic of Eat Pizza's Ham'n'Pineapple/Hawaiian Pizza - it was awesome:

  4. Nice! I hope you liked it too. At the very least you are open-minded about pineapple on pizza, it is a controversial topping. ;-)