Oct 13, 2012

Soulfood Cafe

Scrambled Tofu at Soul Food Cafe
Since the Mercy Seat closed down, I've being missing a good scrambled tofu. I hadn't been to Soulfood Vegetarian Cafe in a while so thought I'd give it a go - Soulfood is a Melbourne Institution for the good hearted eater after all, right?

With a whole new fitout and a new menu, SoulFood is actually no longer even vegetarian. The scrambled tofu is still there but that's about as far as the options go for vegans; Eggs, dairy, bacon and chorizo are littered throughout the rest of the menu. I can only presume that the eggs are from caged hens too, since the menu points out that the bacon is free range but fails to do so with the eggs. It's pretty loud and clear that Soulfood isn't what it used to be.

Ok, so now down the food. My scrambled tofu with an extra of hash browns looked pretty appetizing on arrival. Overall, it was quite nice - the toast that was served was good sourdough but could have done with a drizzle of olive oil to make the whole affair less dry. The scrambled tofu was nice but could only be described as "not very breakfasty" - it was a bit too dependent on carrot, onion and soy sauce - three ingredients I don't associate with breakfast. The hash browns also had a lot of grated carrot in them - they were tasty but again "not very breakfasty".  The soy latte ordered was just ok and the orange juice wasn't freshly squeezed.

Price: Reasonable. $29 for 1 x scrambled tofu with side of hash browns, 1 x scrambled tofu with side of beans, 1 x soy latte, 1 x orange juice.

Cash Only.

Soulfood Cafe

273 Smith Street
Fitzroy VIC 3066

Soul Food Cafe Menu - October 2012

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